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May 24, 2011

Pink’s Vocabulary Lately:

I got-a-worka-do.

Keer (Rhymes with Beer) — Means: Clear.   Example: Are we clear? Keer.

I ya you! — I love you!

I wi-wah do it foo-irst! — I will do it first!

Muss be ha-widing! — Must be hiding.

I just love the way she pronounces everything thing at this age.  Will very much miss it when she moves on… which she already is and is starting to say Cl-ear.  TEAR! 😦

This is kind of how I feel about it too!


Baby Pink

March 10, 2010

November 2009

November  2009

November 2009

November  2009

Breaking Mama’s Heart (a little every day)

March 9, 2010

This was taken shortly before you recieved your first haircut.  I didn’t cry, but really wanted to.  When did you get so big?  My heart breaks…  I love you!

Knock, Knock, Is this thing on? (The one in which I use a TON of CAPS)

March 6, 2010

It has been over a month since I have taken the time to blog.  #BlogFAIL.  (I have been spending my freetime Farmvilling. #DoubleBlogFAIL.)

Pink, you have been so adorable yet so frustrating lately.  It has been a constant battle over bedtime (STAY IN YOUR BED YOUNG ONE), and staying off the countertop (GET OFF THE COUNTERTOP BEFORE MAMA HAS A HEARTATTACK).   The last few nights, dearest Pink, have been, shall we say CHALLENGING.  Dada and I have been taking turns chasing you back into your room.  You have GOT to be part monkey.  You can climb ANYTHING.  You can climb out of your crib at home, the Pack-N-Play at daycare, onto the countertop, on any and ALL stools that have ever been invented, even the chair where you got your hair cut.  Even the 3 booster pads didn’t deter you.  You scaled them like a rock climber does a wall.  You spend the bulk of your time at home either on the countertop in the kitchen or in the sink in our bathroom playing in the water ‘brushing’ your teeth.  You climb in and out of your crib like a champ, up onto our bed, Kermit’s bed, the couches, from the couch up and OVER the half wall, into the kitchen where you usually land right on the stove.  Hopefully it’s been awhile since we made dinner, so the burners are cool.

It’s not all bad.  There has been SO much good and fun lately also.  You are the smiliest babin’ cakes.  You are constantly tipping your head backing and laughing.  Then you pull your head back up to make sure we are watching, and then you laugh all over again.  You are such a cheesey baby.  Anything that makes us laugh, makes you laugh, makes Kermit laugh and in the end we are usually laughing at the WAY you laugh.  I can’t quite pin point the sillyness of your personality.  You are a goofball and a lover.  You don’t sleep much or snuggle much, unless it’s bedtime, your new interest is reading books at bedtime and you will sit for at least 20 minutes to read a book.   But let’s face it, that’s like a decade in your time.  Nothing holds your attention for more than a few minutes.

I just had to take a time out from writing this because you came wondering down the hall after having been asleep for a few hours, wimpering and wanting to be held.  I changed your diaper, you sat by me for a bit to snuggle, but you are now on the floor, curled up with your blanket and a pillow. You are also AWAKE, as in not sleeping, at 11:35 pm, as in 4 hours past when you went to bed. (I’ll have to figure out the time on the actual publishing.  It says it’s 5:37 am. Oops)

I love you goon monkey.  I vow to do better by you.  I started blogging so I wouldn’t forget the small stuff and in a month a lot of small stuff happens.  I’m sorry for that and will try harder in the future!