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This Old/New House

May 26, 2011

In about another month we will be moving, YET AGAIN.  But this will (hopefully) be the 2nd to the last time we move.  Since Todd and I have been married (coming up on 8 years) we have lived in 5 places cumulatively.  His apartment, my apartment, 2 owned homes and 1 rental house.  The rental house is where we are currently.  When we moved in here a year ago we thought it would be more temporary than it has become.  We thought that we would be out before Thanksgiving.  But fall came and went and yet we are still here. 

We had a plan to buy some land from my Grandma.  We were going to buy the farm where my mom has lived all her life.  She would stay and we would also build there.  But due to my aunt not wanting to sell to us, our plans had to change.  This was and still is a very frustrating situation.  We had spent years and a good chunk of money planning on that piece of property being our forever home.  Up until it was time to sign some papers we never heard that it may not be a possibility for us to live there. We had started Kermit in the school district that we *thought* we would be in by Thanksgiving.  I was driving him to and from the bus stop.  The bus stop being my Grandma’s house and it’s a half an hour one way from our rental house.  We considered this a minor inconvenience.  It will only be a few months of driving him we thought.  Oh NO, NO.  So, we had to move on, in our minds and literally from that 40 acres. 

In early January we ran in to an acquaintance in town and we did some catching up.  He said he had a piece of property that may suit us.  We said our main concern was that we could build on it right away.  If we were moving to the area, we needed a roof over our head.  He said yes, we could build.  So we went to look at it, did some discussing and then decided to sign a PA.  Around the time of closing, we were talking to him about our plans and he said No we couldn’t build there.  He had bought the property  on a contract for deed and was selling it to us on a contract for deed.  But the lady who still ‘techinically’ owned it said we couldn’t build until it was paid off.  This put a massive monkey wrench in our plans.  What good would this 20 acres be if we couldn’t build a house there?  So plans on that piece came to a screeching halt.

Back to square one.  We are still living in the rental with no good options as to where to go.  It’s now (in my story) the end of March.  There is one property that is a slight possibility and it seems like a long shot, but hey, what have we got to lose?!  So Todd makes a phone call to his cousin, Donald.  Donald says, why yes they are considering selling the farm.  It has become time since his dad’s passing and even though it is bitter-sweet, let’s have a discussion about us (family) buying the farm.  So we sat down with them a few times, hashed out some details and lo and behold, we will soon be the owners of the farm!!

This farm is the one that before Todd and I were married we drove by a few times and Todd had always said, I’d like to live there someday.  Look at the shed and the nice lot with the house up on a hill.  What are the odds that all these years later we would actually buy it?  It doesn’t hurt that Donald’s dad and our son, Green share a name, Atler.  I guess there has been an Atler on that farm since 1914 (or some year close to that). Fate.

I’m excited actually to live in this old house.  I grew up in an old house and have lived in  2 very nice brand new homes.  Two homes that we build from the ground up.  And remember earlier when I said this would hopefully be the 2nd the last time we move.  We are planning on building a new house on the property, but in a few years.  In the meantime we will live in the old farm-house.  My excitement comes from the fact that it’s an old house.  It has some character to work with but mostly I get to try some stuff out. Since it’s not brand new I feel like I can experiment some.  I want to paint chalkboard paint on the walls and hang up pictures. I get to decorate and mess it up a bit.  And if I go to far, well we’ll be moving out eventually and probably knocking it over so WHO CARES!  I get to paint obnoxiously bright colors if I want and pound lots of holes in the walls.  I can tile or do whatever it is that I want.  I’m excited!! For the last few years we have been living a pretty boring existence.  We were in the process of selling our 2nd house for almost a year.  Which means that we didn’t really have much personality in that house.  There wasn’t much on the walls, as to not distract potential buyers.  And then when we moved in here (the rental) we weren’t staying long so why decorate or hang anything up.  Plus we didn’t want to have to go around fixing nail holes before we moved out.  So FINALLY I get to take out some of the stuff that’s been in storage for a few years and hang it up, put it out, decorate it, accessorize it, LOVE it!!!

Now first things first, since we’ll be painting before we move in, I’d better get on picking out those obnoxious colors!  Keep your fingers crossed that come July 1st, we will be Farmers!

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It needs a little TLC. The bathroom will be the only major overhaul, if we decide to do it at all.  It’s VERY small (the 2 pictures are ACTUAL size.)  Other than that it needs some paint, which I’m working on picking out colors and it needs some new flooring which we are going to do for as cheap as possible considering we won’t be there long (hopefully).  We are thinking 2 years before we start building and probably no more than 5 years before we move from Old Farm House to New Farm House.  Once the renter moves his stuff out and the family goes through the last of their things there, we are home free, er wait, it’s not free, we are home payment?  That doesn’t have the same ring to it.  How ’bout this….. We are Home Sweet Home!


I Owe You

May 25, 2011

A little over a month ago, before Easter Kermit had Visitor Day at school.  A few weeks before the actual day they sent home a slip asking if and who would be joining the child at school for this special occasion.  They would be making puppets.  I asked Kermit who he wanted to join him.  He picked me!  In December, they had visitor day and he wanted Gammpa to go with him.  😦  But this time it was me!  YEAH!! So I filled out the slip and returned it.  I marked in on the calendar and arranged for a babysitter for Pink and Green.  This was no small feat to be able to spend an hour or so alone with him.  He and I were very much looking forward to it.

The day arrives and I dropped him off at school and then went to visit my sister.  We were leaving for North Dakota in a few days and I needed my suitcase back and some clothes.  Pink, Green and I spent most of the morning hanging out with Auntie and Uncle Kiss.  Eventually we left and headed for home.  When we got there, Pink watched some TV and Green took a nap.  I did some laundry and some cleaning.  Mostly just puttering around the house  until it was time to go get Kermit.

My phone rang with the sitters name.  I though that’s weird, Why is Sharon calling…… O.M.G!!!!  VISITOR DAY!!!!  As quick as I could I threw everyone in the car and headed for school.  I called Sharon back and said we are on our way, but knew by the time I got to school it would be almost over.  (We live 45 minutes from where Kermit attends school.) But I had to try.  I raced to Foley, basically threw them out the door with barely a stop and headed for the Elementary.  I walked in just in time to see him take a picture of his FINISHED puppet.

There were tears… ALL of them mine.  How could I forget about it?  It was so important to him.  Why had I not put it in my phone? Why didn’t I look at the calendar?  Why was a doing laundry instead of helping him make a puppet?  How could I forget about HIM?  My mothering was at an all time low that day.  He gets pushed aside all the time, wait for this, wait for that, wait, wait, WAIT!

So…. to make a long story longer when he came home with a field trip permission slip and volunteers for chaperone, I WAS IN!  This one I was NOT going to forget about.  My dad said he would watch the younger 2 and we could have a date my oldest and I.  We left home EXTRA early that morning.  We had to drop Pink and Green off in Ramsey.

We made it to school and I told him that I owed him.  I felt bad/still feel bad about the visitor day fiasco.  It will go down in mom history as one of my lowest moments.  But today, TODAY was for making up, making amends.  Today was about the 2 of us and our special day at the Farm.  We were visiting Nelson Farm in Litchfield.  Today we would hold hands, and baby chicks and sandwiches.

Ed Note:  There are about 10 more pictures that I’m having an issue with rotating.  It keeps telling me it won’t save them.  GRRR.

We had a ball!!  I was in charge of Kermit and Ethan.  They were very good for me all day.  Wild at times, but that’s to be expected on a farm, with fresh air, and new things to look at.  Actually, if I’m being honest, Kermit was the wilder of the 2.  At one point Ethan was standing next to me while Kermit ran around in circles.  I finally had to tell him, it’s okay, you can go play…. and away he went.

Picnic lunch on a blanket, a hay ride through the field, calves, baby chicks, goats, pigs… who could ask for more!

It was so nice spending time alone with Kermit.  It’s been awhile since it’s been just me and him. I think he enjoyed it too.  I’m going to have to make him more of a priority.  He’s growing up SO FAST, as pointed out to me by the “this is the last newsletter you will get from kindergarten” newsletter.  I choked up.  It honestly seems like last week Todd and I were a blubbering mess getting him on the bus for the first time and now he’s graduating kindergarten already.  So much has happened since then, yet how can it feel like just yesterday.  Oh how cliché, but it’s true.

I will miss these days with him, and my time is spread so thin I’m missing that much more each day.  I owe it to him and myself to soak it up

I love you Kermit!  I’m so glad I went!!


May 24, 2011

Pink’s Vocabulary Lately:

I got-a-worka-do.

Keer (Rhymes with Beer) — Means: Clear.   Example: Are we clear? Keer.

I ya you! — I love you!

I wi-wah do it foo-irst! — I will do it first!

Muss be ha-widing! — Must be hiding.

I just love the way she pronounces everything thing at this age.  Will very much miss it when she moves on… which she already is and is starting to say Cl-ear.  TEAR! 😦

This is kind of how I feel about it too!

This Face: Part Blue

May 23, 2011


This face is the one I wake up to come and snuggle with his brother and I.  It is the one that tells me I’m beautiful.  It breaks my heart when it says, “I don’t need to stay by your forever, right mom?” 

This face is my first-born and stole my heart.  He is my trial and error and hopefully I get it mostly right.  This is face is the one I lose my patience with and try harder next time and next time and next time.  This face is the one that READS to me, because you learn that stuff in Kindergarten. 

This face asks me “how many more bites” every.single.night. at dinner.  I love this face because it looks exactly like his dad.  This face has 2 cowlicks that when we go too long between hair cuts, it grows “horns”.  This face is my snuggle bunny and my sidekick.  He asks for treats every.single.time.

I love this face and all of the memories we have created so far.

This Face

January 31, 2011

This Face….. I can’t live without this face.  She is my clone, my heart, my love.  Staying home with her everyday is the greatest gift my husband could have ever given me.    I had NO idea what I was in for, or what I was missing.

This face…. I love this face!  (And not just because it looks like mine!)

MA MA!!!

May 12, 2010

You’ll understand after watching THIS. (Still trying to to figure out how to embed the goofy video.)

Dancing Baby!

May 11, 2010

I’m still working on how to embed this video here, but for now click over and watch it.

Dancing Baby!

Baby Pink

March 10, 2010

November 2009

November  2009

November 2009

November  2009

Breaking Mama’s Heart (a little every day)

March 9, 2010

This was taken shortly before you recieved your first haircut.  I didn’t cry, but really wanted to.  When did you get so big?  My heart breaks…  I love you!