I Owe You

A little over a month ago, before Easter Kermit had Visitor Day at school.  A few weeks before the actual day they sent home a slip asking if and who would be joining the child at school for this special occasion.  They would be making puppets.  I asked Kermit who he wanted to join him.  He picked me!  In December, they had visitor day and he wanted Gammpa to go with him.  😦  But this time it was me!  YEAH!! So I filled out the slip and returned it.  I marked in on the calendar and arranged for a babysitter for Pink and Green.  This was no small feat to be able to spend an hour or so alone with him.  He and I were very much looking forward to it.

The day arrives and I dropped him off at school and then went to visit my sister.  We were leaving for North Dakota in a few days and I needed my suitcase back and some clothes.  Pink, Green and I spent most of the morning hanging out with Auntie and Uncle Kiss.  Eventually we left and headed for home.  When we got there, Pink watched some TV and Green took a nap.  I did some laundry and some cleaning.  Mostly just puttering around the house  until it was time to go get Kermit.

My phone rang with the sitters name.  I though that’s weird, Why is Sharon calling…… O.M.G!!!!  VISITOR DAY!!!!  As quick as I could I threw everyone in the car and headed for school.  I called Sharon back and said we are on our way, but knew by the time I got to school it would be almost over.  (We live 45 minutes from where Kermit attends school.) But I had to try.  I raced to Foley, basically threw them out the door with barely a stop and headed for the Elementary.  I walked in just in time to see him take a picture of his FINISHED puppet.

There were tears… ALL of them mine.  How could I forget about it?  It was so important to him.  Why had I not put it in my phone? Why didn’t I look at the calendar?  Why was a doing laundry instead of helping him make a puppet?  How could I forget about HIM?  My mothering was at an all time low that day.  He gets pushed aside all the time, wait for this, wait for that, wait, wait, WAIT!

So…. to make a long story longer when he came home with a field trip permission slip and volunteers for chaperone, I WAS IN!  This one I was NOT going to forget about.  My dad said he would watch the younger 2 and we could have a date my oldest and I.  We left home EXTRA early that morning.  We had to drop Pink and Green off in Ramsey.

We made it to school and I told him that I owed him.  I felt bad/still feel bad about the visitor day fiasco.  It will go down in mom history as one of my lowest moments.  But today, TODAY was for making up, making amends.  Today was about the 2 of us and our special day at the Farm.  We were visiting Nelson Farm in Litchfield.  Today we would hold hands, and baby chicks and sandwiches.

Ed Note:  There are about 10 more pictures that I’m having an issue with rotating.  It keeps telling me it won’t save them.  GRRR.

We had a ball!!  I was in charge of Kermit and Ethan.  They were very good for me all day.  Wild at times, but that’s to be expected on a farm, with fresh air, and new things to look at.  Actually, if I’m being honest, Kermit was the wilder of the 2.  At one point Ethan was standing next to me while Kermit ran around in circles.  I finally had to tell him, it’s okay, you can go play…. and away he went.

Picnic lunch on a blanket, a hay ride through the field, calves, baby chicks, goats, pigs… who could ask for more!

It was so nice spending time alone with Kermit.  It’s been awhile since it’s been just me and him. I think he enjoyed it too.  I’m going to have to make him more of a priority.  He’s growing up SO FAST, as pointed out to me by the “this is the last newsletter you will get from kindergarten” newsletter.  I choked up.  It honestly seems like last week Todd and I were a blubbering mess getting him on the bus for the first time and now he’s graduating kindergarten already.  So much has happened since then, yet how can it feel like just yesterday.  Oh how cliché, but it’s true.

I will miss these days with him, and my time is spread so thin I’m missing that much more each day.  I owe it to him and myself to soak it up

I love you Kermit!  I’m so glad I went!!


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