This Face: Part Blue


This face is the one I wake up to come and snuggle with his brother and I.  It is the one that tells me I’m beautiful.  It breaks my heart when it says, “I don’t need to stay by your forever, right mom?” 

This face is my first-born and stole my heart.  He is my trial and error and hopefully I get it mostly right.  This is face is the one I lose my patience with and try harder next time and next time and next time.  This face is the one that READS to me, because you learn that stuff in Kindergarten. 

This face asks me “how many more bites” every.single.night. at dinner.  I love this face because it looks exactly like his dad.  This face has 2 cowlicks that when we go too long between hair cuts, it grows “horns”.  This face is my snuggle bunny and my sidekick.  He asks for treats every.single.time.

I love this face and all of the memories we have created so far.


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