Things To Do

  • Figure out how to change my header.  The program I used to create the one I had, was wiped out when our laptop crashed.  and I have NO idea where the disk is to reinstall it.  Buy a new (same) one, or a different program?  That one was ok to use, but feel like maybe I could find a better one, but how much do I want to spend?? Decisions, Decisions……
  • Blog more (DUH!)
  • Follow the ideas of the Blog a Week– When I sit down to write I draw a blank.  But all during the day I think, I could blog this or that, then time to write and NOTHING.
  • Post more pictures/videos.  I intended this blog to be a journal of sorts to keep track of and remember the stuff the kids did or said.  So far I could be doing much better than I am. 
  • Write more notes, so when I do sit down to blog, I have some back up to use for ideas.

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