Number 3

Adding Number 3 to the bunch has been challenging yet fantastic.  It’s an adjustment to get used to chasing after all 3, but we are getting there.

Finding time to do anything is a fun new challenge.  Like finding time to  shower, or do laundry, or sometimes even eat or drink something.  I can not for the life of me remember to take any of the pills I should be taking and they sit next to me during the day.  The iron pill and prenatal vitamin or even the ibuprofen that helps with pain….. can’t remember to pop any of them in my mouth.

It’s a real fun change to have Pink and Kermit getting up at 5 am.  Pink wakes up and comes down most days between 5 and 6 am.  She snuggles in and lays by me to watch toons, but yells at Green when he is in her spot (he’s in her spot because I’m nursing him).  Kermit gets up and sometimes  comes down to sit by us (all 4 of us on the couch) or sometimes he goes to lay with daddy.  Eventually we will get back into a routine, and that is coming up fast as daddy will be going back to work soon and then it’s just me and the Team.

I’m sure you’re wondering (ok maybe not, does anyone read this?) why I’m sleeping on the couch, well it’s because of the C-section.  After Kermit, I slept in our bed with him in a Moses basket next to me and daddy on the couch.  After Pink we all slept in the bed together.  Between Kermit and Pink we upgraded from a queen to a California King.  With her I had no problem getting up (from laying to sitting) to feed her at night.  With Green, the first night was awful.  I barely slept and had a hard time feeding him.  Half way through the night, I ended up down on the couch in the living room sleeping, half sitting up and half laying down.  It’s been perfect.  I am moving around much better after 3 weeks and will eventually end up back upstairs in bed. 

Most of the adjustment comes in just taking care of a newborn again.  Adding number 3 to the group wasn’t so much what threw off our routine as much as a needy newborn.  As soon as everyone is ready to leave the house, Green needs to eat, or be changed, or burped.  When everyone else is eating dinner, I have to feed, or change or burp him. 

We are getting there though, and it’s been such a fantastic last 3 weeks.  Can’t wait for the next 1000+.


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