New Year, New Me????

One can only hope right?!  My goals for the new year are as follows:

Blog EVERYDAY.   Yes, I realize that it is the 7th of January already and this is my first post.  That is not lost on me.  Blah Blah Blah Busy Busy Busy… New Baby, 2 kids, ect. ect ect…..

Cook more from cook books.  I guess with this I should be a bit more specific, as in once a week or twice a month cook from a cook book.  I think we’ll go with the later, twice a month cook a recipe from a cook book.  We eat the same old, same old all the time.  So it’s time to spice (ha ha ha pun intended) it up a bit and eat something new.

Make idea files for our new house.  Cut out pictures and ideas from the 20-30 magazines I’ve been saving. Then throw away the magazines.  DONE Jan.15, 2011

Take more pictures and videos.  This should be slightly easier since I got a new Bloggie for Christmas.  So far I LOVE it.

Organize and file church paperwork. DONE Jan 13, 2011

Organize and file Business paperwork.

Name label all of our movies and Wii games. 

Make a 2010 photo book.  Every year I make a photo book of the kids for our families.  This year, between Todd being gone so much, commuting Kermit to and from school, being SUPER pregnant and delivering 3 weeks early I just didn’t get around to making 2010’s.  I’d still like to make one and my goal is to have it done by the end of February.

Upload all my photos to online backup.  Including Aunties from her external hard drive, our desktop and my camera.

This is the year of Get Our Lives Organized.  We are hopefully moving in the next few months (if all goes well) and I’d like for it to go much more smoothly than  the last time we moved.  I/we procrastinated something fierce.  We were packing boxes as our help stood around and waited for them to be filled.  I’d like to sort through our stuff some more and know exactly what needs to be moved to use and what goes into storage.  Also, I’m sure there is some stuff we can live with out and can get rid of.

I’d like to start working towards the mom I’d like to be and am not… yet.  This time next year, I want to be a much more organized and relaxed mom.  I don’t like operating in Reaction mode.  I feel much better when I am in Proactive mode.  I’m calmer, more patient, nicer to the kids.  With 3 I have to up my game and can’t always be rushing around.  It’s not fair to them, when I get busy I take it out on them.

Here’s to a year of hard work, to be a better person.  To be the person/mom I’d like to be.  The mom I always pictured myself as.  To have the fairly clean house, fairly organized, to have time for fun because the work is done.

So here’s to me…. The NEW Me!!!


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