Day 4

Rain, rain, go away….

Tangent… on Grey’s wedding tonight, why did they give Bailey such a yucky, old  looking dress?  She’s so cute.  End Tangent

Today Pink and I had a wonderful day in the rain.  We went to the post office where I ran in to someone I know (definitely not a friend), he works for my father in law.  He is a crabby old man, Mr. Negative.  I was getting the mail and he says to me (mind you other people are standing there, someone he was talking to) “I see your waddling again.” 

I said “No more than you.”

“You should sleep with your legs closed.”

As I was walking away, “You’re disgusting Chuck.”

Seriously, who says that shit to someone.  Couldn’t mutter out a Congrats instead?!  Un-F*ucking-believable.    That may be the last time I exchange word with him.  It’s a waste of my breath and energy to even respond to him.   UGH!

Then we went home and Pink actually took a nap today.  Everyday this week she has fallen asleep in the car on the way home, about 20 mins, then I carry her upstairs (which is getting harder and harder, since I, and her, are getting bigger and bigger)  and she will sleep for maybe another 20 mins and then off to the races again.  But today, oh, glorious today, she slept for probably close to 2.5 hours.  I think she really needed to catch up.  We’ve been getting up early lately.

I got some work done for Todd.  And about the time she work up, I was ready for a nap.  But no rest for the wicked. So we played a little and watched Babe. Then off to the bank, and another post office. When we left home it was raining pretty steady.  At the bank, it hadn’t let up much.  All I had to do was make a deposit, but since I didn’t know the account number I wanted to go inside.  Thought I’d leave Pink in the truck for a few minutes instead of dragging her out in the rain. But she insisted on going in.  UGH, that means  I have to unbuckle and re-buckle her while standing in the rain.  But, since being the best mom I can be and having more patience is my new full-time gig…. I let her come in.  Plus a little rain never hurt anyone right?!  So we ran inside, she was wet, but happy.  She got a “gicker” (sticker), it had a “orsey” (horsey, My Little Pony) on it. We had to run back out in to the rain, but lucky for us, we were wearing our matching pink rain boots.

We then went to the post office to mail some stuff to daddy.  The most important part was Kermit’s school picture!  We got them yesterday.  He is so handsome.

After all our errands, we went to pick up Mermit.  I picked raspberries in the rain.  Somewhere along the lines, I became a die-hard farmer. Who does crap like that in the rain? Usually NOT me.  But it was worth it.  We brought some home to freeze. 

Kermit fell asleep on the way home and Pink was close, but since she actually had a nap today, she didn’t.  Kermit woke up from his nap in melt down mode.  He cried on and off for about an hour.  He just couldn’t snap out of it.   Cartoons and some juice finally fixed it. 

The kiddles got to talk to daddy a couple of times today, which was nice.  Pink even brings the phone to me saying Daddy, Daddy, Daddy wondering why he’s not talking back. 

And now after some quality TV time with Grey’s and Private Practice, I am ready for bed. 

 Day 4 of Retirement and I am happy as ever to get to spend so much time with Thing 1 and Thing 2.


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