How can I be so very busy with no “job” to attend all day?  Our whole day was busy doing something…. when would I have done that with my old job? 

Well I suppose I could have dropped of Kermit, and not watched him get on the bus when he asked me to stay. 

I suppose I could have not had coffee and talked to Grandma this morning for well over an hour.

I suppose I could have skipped lunch with dad and not talked about a plan to buy some land. 

I could have been about 2 hours later picking Kermit up from Grandma’s, (with my old job I would have been close to that).

I could have made Ravioli’s for dinner instead of sloppy joes from scratch with corn and bananas.

I could have sent them to bed with no bath and some play time, right after dinner.

I could have not read the library book that’s due back tomorrow.

But LUCKY for me, I didn’t have to.  I got to do EXACTLY what it is that I wanted to do today. I got to have time and patience with the kids and go at their speed instead of my normal rush, rush, rush. 

We are slowly moving into a different routine.  For example, I still haven’t done the laundry this week because I have “all the time in the world”.   But since they still have clean clothes I’m not too worried about it.  I also have some other things to check off my list but since I’m pregnant and moving furniture is frowned on, I need to wait for help.

Tomorrow will be more running around, but at least I get to spend the day doing it with Pink instead of for someone else.

I love my “job”, no wait, my retirement!


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