The Soundtrack to My Day

By You — Sit by you

Tank — Thanks

Panky — Spanky the Dog

Gookie — Nukkie

Ear-a-go — Here you go

Mermit — Kermit

Men-a-min — Medicine

Peas — Please

Quash — Squash

Goo-ness — Goodness

Jammies, Bus, Amma, Poops, Ank You,  Daddy, Baby

What does the pig say?  Pink’s answer:  LA LA LA (like when Babe the Pig sings on the movie “Babe”)

Tomorrow I will pay closer attention.  She says so many many cute things but of course now I can’t think of hardly any.

Today was a bit on the low key side.  We dropped Kermit off for school then, talked to Grandma for a while.  When we go home I cleaned all the garbage out of the truck then made squash.  Nap and back to pick up Kermit, thus the post about the cute things she says.  Way more interesting than our real day.


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