El Doctoro Update: 17 weeks of Baby Green

So I went to the doctor yesterday for a 16 week (BTW I’m 17 weeks) check up.  They checked my blood pressure and it was high.  Moving right along, they checked my pulse, weight (BOOYA I’m down a pound…. for now) etc. etc.  The nurse thought that my BP being a bit high was strange, so she checked again.  Lower than the first time, but still too high for her liking.  My doctor came in, did her normal thing, we talked about the randomness of my BP being high.  I am usually the poster child for good blood pressure.  I’ve never been told it’s high. They always say “120/80 GOOD”.  Dr. Akram talked about what could cause it, how they don’t like to diagnose anything this early, blah-dee-blah, we’ll check it again before you go.  I  had to go upstairs for some blood work anyways so if they were going to do extra labs it was no big deal.  They checked again and it was 132/92 (this is the only one I remember lower than the first 2).  Not crazy high, but not what they like.  So upstairs I go (was going anyways).  Draw extra blood and oh Dr. Akram wanted me to do leave a urine sample (to check for protein — which UPDATE there was none, GOOD) and she decided that I should do a 24 hour urine test.  What this means is they give a gallon jug that I get to pee in for 24 hours, and keep in my fridge next to my milk and then bring it back to them. UGH GROSS.  Baby Green YOU OWE ME!.

So Sunday I’ll pee in the jug all day, and Monday I will bring it back to them when I go to the Lab for a 3 hour glucose test.  I HATE the 3 hour test.  I already know what the outcome will be.  It will end in me having Gestational Diabetes.  I know this because I had it with both of the other kids, and there is no way I’m getting around it.  It’s impossible.  So I will drink gross orange pop/juice and sit for 3 hours in an uncomfortable chair waiting for me to fail the test, the one I know I failed before I walked in.

Again Baby Green are you listening — YOU OWE ME!  However the good news of yesterday was that we (I) scheduled  the ultra sound where we get to find out if Baby Green is really Blue or Pink.  I’m really looking forward to finding out.  I don’t like to pick out names until we know the sex.  It makes it easier to focus on one gender versus both. Plus Green will be the deciding factor of the majority in the house.  We are divided down the middle right now.

So until Monday, when they will recheck my blood pressure and I will drink gross orange juice…… or until Sunday when I get to pee in a jug….. YEAH!


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