Can you hear me in the back?

March, July, potato, pa-ta-toe.  Hello, just a quick check in to let you know that I’m really good at this blogging stuff.

House is moving along, sort of.  We have a SURVEY!  And some stakes in the ground.  We have not moved any dirt yet, but added 10 acres to what we were going to buy.  It made the county stuff much easier.  With 10 acres, we have to prelim plat, final plat, blah blah I don’t even know.  It’s like we are developing an entire subdivision instead of building 1 house on a small piece of farm land in the middle of NO WHERE.   With 20 acres, we do an Administrative Land split.  It saves us a TON in county fees and surveying. Plus we get more land to call our own.

Pink’s birthday is coming up in a week.  2. Did you hear me?!  She’s going to be 2! AGH!  We (and by we, I mean I) are planning a small birthday party, and my idea of small is never small.  I try to keep it small but instead of ordering 25 invites, I ended up hitting the 50 button.  WTF?  So they can’t go to waste right? So I must invite at LEAST that many people to our house to cook for and entertain them!  I’m a dummy. It will be fun, it will be fun, it will be fun…..  Every year I swear it will be smaller next year.

Last night all the boys, Kermit and my 3 brothers, Max, Leo and Roman all got MOHAWKS!  They are awesome. Todd is less than thrilled.  Kermit was nervous it wouldn’t grow back, but found out it would and was ready to rock!  I think it’s cute.  After it was too late, and they had started buzzing, I had to wonder a bit if it would be grown out enough by the time school pictures come around in the fall.  Or should I say, in about 6 weeks.

Ok so now I should be working, but in case I go to the dark side of the moon again, I mean WHEN I go to the dark side of the moon, just know that I’m going to start doing a 1 sentence journal each day dedicated to each kid and sometimes I might share them with you.  This means that even though you don’t always get to ready what I’m writing, just pretend that I’m sharing it with you because I’m a giver like that.  Journaling, it’s the 80’s version of a blog.  And we all know how good I am at the latter….. Oh shut up!


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