I’m really good at changing my blog header…..

I just can’t keep up. With the move, and then the settling in and the crappy service at our new/temporary home I can’t seem to make the time to make a new header. Add to that some extra meetings I have been doing and a sort of quick/surprise trip to Dallas, we’ve been a bit busy.

Dallas was TONS of fun. I have some pictures to share also, but sadly they are on my camera which is located at home at the moment. Another day…. I went to an 80’s party! BIG hair, and LOTS of blue eye shadow. I also met a girl with the same shirt as me. We instantly became new friends. I got to have coffee with an old friend from high school. He’s so different, yet so very much the same. OH HOW I MISSED HIM. I’m sure it was no different for him, I’m probably very different, but yet the same. I don’t know how that is even possible, but it is.

I missed my babes terribly! 4 days seemed like an eternity. Todd was holding down the fort while I was gone. I didn’t worry about anything, but that doesn’t make me miss they any less.

Well, I suppose back to the task at hand. I WILL get those pictures of 80’s night up shortly. They are HIlarious!!!



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