A is for Adorable

Pink:  In the last week or so your vocabulary has expanded a ton.  You used to YELL and SQUEAL a lot.  But lately you have been actually trying to communicate with us.  You say things like “Go.          GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”  Meaning, “Here you go.  (pause for about 3 seconds)  HERE YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” If I don’t reach to get your sippy cup RIGHT.AWAY! I get the second GOOOOOOOO!!!!

Then there is Buppy.  This means either PUPPY!! or Uppy.

Also on our list of new words are:  Papple (apple) Ishie (you’ve known this one for a while, but are using it more frequently), Blue (Kermit), A-tee (Auntie), Eye, NO-ssse.

It’s so much fun to watch you at this stage.  Last night we were having dinner and you decided to dump your entire plate of food on the floor.  I picked it up.  Picked up most of the food, gave your had a little smack and said NO.  Then I put you on the floor and told you to “Go to your room.”  Then I turned to Daddy and we both giggled knowing what was coming.  You first go and get your blanket.  Then you pout and whimper a bit, then you make the trek up the stairs.  The stairs at our new place are fairly steep, so you have a hard time dragging your blanket and you up them.  But you trek thru and make it to the top, wander down then hall and into your room.  By now, you have forgotten what you were suppose to be doing so you turn around and come back out to the top of the stairs, happy as can be so of course we let you come back down.  Your persistance to get to the top of the stairs with your blanket is fantastic.  You are very stubborn.

I love that more and more each day your personality comes out.  You are so very different from Kermit.  It’s a joy and an interesting experience to watch and raise such 2 different people.  But at the end of the day you guys are best friends.  You are stubborn and smiley, busy and fearless.  Kermit is soft and gentle, yet determined and feisty. 

I don’t know how I could love either of you more, but I do each day.  I LOVE YOU BLUE AND PINK!!


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