Thanks for stopping by, stay awhile.

Please notice the new header.  This year, there was no February.  The calendar went from January to March.  Yup, the month my son was born in no longer exist.  Nice huh? Maybe I can blame him.  With all the birthday hooplah, I didn’t have time to change the header.  Right?  Ok maybe not.  It’s really not fair to blame a 5 year old is it.  Well to make it up to him, I used the photos he took as the new header. Quite the budding photographer.  Taking after his Auntie.

Well on to other news:  Unless there is some unforseen tragedy, this will be the last Sunday we spend in this house.  (Sad Face.)  I was okay with moving until Todd had to go and put it like that.  We are not AT ALL ready.  There are approximately 4 boxes packed up and ready to be put in a trailer.  Lucky for me I have all week, and I’m sure that statement will hold true come Friday night, 4 boxes packed and ready to be put in a trailer.  I like to tell myself I work better underpressure.  But mostly I’m a procrastinator and get lazy when I think I could be relaxing and blogging (see how I used that as an excuse) instead of packing.  I also like to tell myself that mostly we have large things that don’t fit in boxes or stuff we will still need this week, or why pack it nice and neatly when we are not hauling it that far, just to unpack it when we get there.  It will be easier to throw it all in the back of the truck as is…..  I can give you a million reasons why we don’t HAVE to pack.  Statements like this will make this move EXTRA smooth.  Especially since this time we have 2 kids, not 1, house is smaller, not bigger, most everything is going in storage and not unpacked.  I’ll TOTALLY know where everything is when we get there.  Or Not.  You decide.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my last Sunday night in this house, and some TV.  Because the way it’s looking we won’t have TV right away at the new place.  And you want to know why that is…. It’s because I haven’t called DirecTV yet to ask them to please bring new TV to the new place.  Should probably get on that.


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