BUTT! (ha ha ha ha)

Kermit is starting FAR TOO EARLY with the butt talk.  We spend most of our evenings discussing his butt. 

We should:

  • scratch his butt
  • rub his butt
  • wash his butt
  • look at his butt
  • smell his butt
  • wipe his butt
  • touch his butt
  • etc, etc, etc……

I really am at a loss to as to where it comes from.  Todd and I NEVER talk about our butts.  We spend our evenings talking about lots and lots of things, but (ha ha) Butt’s are rarely the topic.    I hope it’s something he grows out of.  Maybe once he starts school and has more to talk about, he’ll stop.  Hopefully he doesn’t pass all of his butt talk on to his sister.  I can’t have both of my kids talking about their butts all the time.



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